Satsumo’s Revenge
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Satsumo's Revenge Slot Machine

In Satumo’s Revenge by Playtech, we’re in the dojo with fighting fruits! You get it? Satsuma. Sumo wrestler? Clever, right?

Well we thought the title was a strong one, anyway!

The slot features anthropomorphic pieces of fruit that all have a score to settle. We presume the most common form of martial arts practiced in the gym we join the action in is “juice-jitsu” …

Bad jokes aside, the game is played over a standard five by three grid and features a total of 25 fixed win lines. There are a couple of special features included on the title too, but neither of these are anything to write home about. We’ll be detailing them and everything else about this game below, however.

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Satsumo's Revenge Review

Game info

Theme:Ninja fruits
Payout %:91.6
Pay Lines:25
Max Win:1,000x line bet
Our Rating:3.5 / 5


  • Strong, imaginative theme.
  • Good artwork and animative touches. We love games with bright colours and a bit of movement. Satsumo’s Revenge certainly delivers in this department.
  • Amusing introduction. It doesn’t enhance the gameplay any, but the introduction movie sets the scene for the slot well.


  • One of the weakest return-to-player ratings we’ve ever seen. As just over 91%, it’s hard to imagine anyone with any knowledge of RTPs playing this title at all.
  • Few bonus features. We did really like the Fighting Free Games mode, but it doesn’t feel like enough to make this slot one of our all-time favourites.

Top Jackpots

The highest payments on Satsumo’s Revenge are each awarded for matching five of the same symbols along one of the 25 win lines. These high value symbols are each represented by a different piece of fruit that is also a skilled martial artist – hence the amusing title of the slot itself.

As usual, we’ve listed the prizes for hitting each five-of-a-kind winning combination below:

  • Satsuma = 1,000x the line bet.
  • Strawberry or Lime = 300x the line bet.
  • Grapes or Blueberries = 150x the line bet.

Game Features

Shuriken “Wilds”
When one of the shuriken (throwing star) “wild” symbols lands on reel five, the grandmaster at the side of the reels can turn random reels “wild” and add win multipliers to them!

Fighting Free Games

This mode is triggered when the grape symbols land on reels one and five simultaneously. Players must select their fighter and duel with their opponent at “Rock, Paper, or Scissors”. If they win, they receive one extra free game with a sticky “wild”. If they draw, they receive one extra free game, and nobody loses a life. If they lose, one life is taken from the player.

If players win the entire match, they will receive an extra free game with all the sticky “wild” symbols awarded!

The Fighting Free Games mode will end when a fighter has lost all their lives.

Regular Symbols

Along with the highest value symbols on Satsumo’s Revenge, there are also some that don’t pay quite as juicy prizes. As is common on slot machines these days, these are represented by playing cards from the upper end of a standard deck (A, K, Q, J, 10).

You will find the prizes for each five-of-a-kind winning combination listed below:

  • Ace = 100x the line bet.
  • King or Queen = 75x the line bet.
  • Jack or Ten = 50x the line bet.

Betting Limits

Since the number of win lines is fixed at 25 on Satsumo’s Revenge, players are only able to adjust how much is bet on each of them. The minimum value here is just 25p. Meanwhile, the maximum is £6. This makes the lowest possible bet per spin on the slot just 25p. Conversely, the largest possible bet is £150. This is clearly not the most grandiose upper betting limit we’ve ever seen but almost all players will find it enough – barring the very highest rollers.

Overall Rating

Satsumo's RevengeAll told, the Satsumo’s Revenge slot machine by Playtech is not the strongest title we’ve ever played. Although it certainly features great artwork, nice animative touches, and an amusing introduction video, there were certain aspects of the game that simply did not impress us.

Chief amongst these flaws is certainly the incredibly low return-to-player rating. At just over 91%, it’s difficult to imagine who would voluntarily put money into this virtual machine. Presumably, only those who have no understanding of what a return-to-player rating is or do not care about their expected ROI when playing slots.

In terms of bonus features Satumo’s Revenge does offer one innovative take on free spins. However, this isn’t really enough to give the slot strong gameplay appeal. This is a shame, given that the title’s theme could have made for a truly great gaming experience. With such a low RTP, it seems plain mean to have not included a proper second bonus to amp up the excitement a little!

This game has a rating of 4 / 5 with 712 total reviews by .

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