Reel Classic 3
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Reel Classic 3 Slot Machine

The Reel Classic 3 slot machine from Playtech is a very basic game. It’s visually simplistic, with arguably no gameplay features. It doesn’t even have an inspiring theme, or visuals for players to enjoy. All told, this game would feel dated in 2007, let alone 2017.
It’s a three reel, three row machine with just three pay lines. There’s an enhanced jackpot for using all pay lines on each spin, and this is about as close as Reel Classic 3 gets to what could be deemed as excitement.

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Reel Classic 3 Review

Game info

Theme:Classic fruit machines
Payout %:94.3
Pay Lines:3
Max Win:5,000
Our Rating:1 / 5


  • It’s hard to find anything to like about this title.


  • Overly simplistic game.
  • No real bonus features.
  • Incredibly little replay value.
  • Not even an exciting theme to enjoy.

Top Jackpots

In the Reel Classic 3 slot machine, different prizes are awarded depending on the number of lines bet per spin. In most cases, these correspond directly with the number of lines bet upon (prizes where three lines are used are three times as large as prizes where just one is bet upon). However, with the highest value symbol the case is slightly different. There’s an enhanced prize for hitting three-of-a-kind gold bars when using the maximum number of win lines. Let’s look at the actual pay outs for clarification of this. Hitting three bars across a single win line will pay the following:

  • Betting one coin per win line will pay out at 1,000x the line bet.
  • Betting two coins per win line will pay out at 2,000x the line bet.
  • Betting three coins per win line will pay out at 5,000x the line bet.

As you can see, rather than the top prize being 3,000, it’s an enhanced pay out of 5,000. Clearly, it only makes sense to bet across all three win lines, irrespective of the stakes played. Why on earth anyone would want to miss out on practically the only opportunity for excitement that the machine offers is anybody’s guess.

Game Features

Reel Classic 3 is rather barren on the feature-front. There are no free spins, no “pick a box” cash prizes, and no cut-scenes or cinematic effects. The closest to a special feature we get here is the enhanced pay out for betting the maximum coins per spin – when compared with the impressive visuals or many of this game’s peers, players are forgiven for feeling somewhat underwhelmed by this.

Regular Symbols

In addition to the gold bars, there are also some symbols that pay somewhat lesser prizes. Each of these is taken directly from the world of classic gambling. For simplicity’s sake, let’s presume that we’re using the maximum of three win lines per spin here. Hitting three-of-a-kind of each of these will win the following:

  • Cherries = 480x the line bet.
  • Bar x3 = 240x the line bet.
  • Bar x2 = 120x the line bet.
  • Bar x1 = 60x the line bet.
  • Any bar = 30x the line bet.
  • Any two cherries = 15x the line bet.
  • Any one cherry = 6x the line bet.

Betting Limits

It should come as no surprise that Reel Classic 3 is just as basic when it comes to the ways in which players can distribute their bets across the reels as it is in other areas. Whilst the options themselves are consistent with many other games these days, the physically small game board limits the variables with which players can vary their wagers.

That said, it is possible to adjust the number of win lines played (between one and three), and the value of each bet placed per line (between 1p, and £5). Using these figures, the maximum possible bet per spin is £15, whilst the minimum is just 1p.

What We Think

Reel Classic 3 SlotReel Classic 3 is about as basic as it gets. Offering no bonuses, and no features, it struggles to offer any fun too. Those who love a stripped back slot experience might find that this simplistic offering from Playtech more than satisfies that gambling urge. However, in 2017 with so many exciting games out there, it’s hard to see the appeal of this title. There will always be a market for no-nonsense games of chance, however Reel Classic 3 isn’t even visually, or thematically appealing. It just doesn’t do it for us.

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