Pixel Samurai
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Pixel Samurai Slot Machine

Pixel Samurai by Playtech is a retro gaming-themed slot machine that has the potential to award players life-changing sums of money. It takes inspiration from a load of different classic Sega and Nintendo titles, including: Columns, Legend of Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, and others.

The gameplay on Pixel Samurai is a little unconventional in that there are no win lines as such. Instead, symbols drop in and must be matched in blocks of five or more either horizontally or vertically. We’ll cover more on this and everything else about Pixel Samurai below, however.

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Pixel Samurai Review

Game info

Theme:Retro gaming
Payout %:93.98
Pay Lines:N/A
Max Win:Progressive Jackpot
Our Rating:3 / 5


  • Great look and feel to the game. The way wins are awarded also lends itself well to the slot’s theme of retro gaming – it feels just like classic Sega title, Columns!
  • Attention to detail. Loads of the game’s features really make it feel like you’re playing on an old Mega Drive or Nintendo title. We particularly liked the Mortal Kombat-style “Good Luck” popup between spins.
  • Potentially huge prizes. There’s a progressive jackpot up for grabs on Pixel Samurai!


  • Lacking features. Although Pixel Samurai is a great looking game, it loses points in the gameplay department. It doesn’t really have a true second screen feature.
  • Very low upper betting limit. We’ve criticised some games for only letting players bet £50 per spin. Even this lower-than-average betting limit is substantially greater than the £10 per spin offered on Pixel Samurai.
  • Low return-to-player rating. This makes the maximum bet seem even more strange given that Pixel Samurai could be a highly profitable title for casinos choosing to offer it.

Top Jackpots

The top jackpots on Pixel Samurai are all awarded for filling the entire gameboard with the same symbol. Each symbol on the Pixel Samurai slot machine is a different character, loosely based on a those found in various 8 and 16-bit video games.

There is no clear differentiation between the symbols on the Pixel Samurai slot machine. Therefore, it makes sense to detail them all in the top jackpots section, rather than adding a regular symbols section.

We’ve listed the prizes for matching 25 of the same symbols below:

  • Woodland warrior = 50x the total bet.
  • Sumo = 100x the total bet.
  • Japanese warrior = 500x the total bet.
  • Ice warrior = 1,000x the total bet.
  • Blue Girl = 5,000x the total bet.
  • Red Samurai = 5,000x the total bet, plus the entire progressive jackpot.

Game Features

Ways to win

Rather than use traditional win lines, the Pixel Samurai slot machine instead requires players match symbols either horizontally or vertically. Landing five or more in such a block will award a multiplier of the total bet amount.

If players are fortunate enough to land eight or more Red Samurai symbols in horizontally or vertically adjacent positions, they will receive a percentage of the progressive jackpot.

Cascading Wins

After each winning combination, the symbols involved will disappear and those above them will fall into their place. This frees spaces up for additional symbols to drop in from the top of the reels and can trigger extra winning combinations.

Progressive Jackpot

Landing a screen full of Red Samurai symbols will award players with the entire progressive jackpot! Also, fewer of these highest valued symbols will grant players a percentage of the jackpot.

Betting Limits

Since Pixel Samurai operates a different way of awarding prizes to most online slots, there are no win lines as such. This means that players can only adjust the total bet amount for each spin.

The minimum total bet amount is just 10p. Meanwhile, the maximum is a rather unimpressive £10. Clearly, this is going to be much too low for many players.

Overall Rating

Pixel SamuraiOn paper, Pixel Samurai seems like an amazing slot machine, particularly if you’re like us and love retro gaming. The imagery is great, and the gameplay is creative and well-thought out.

Additionally, players get the chance to drop a truly lifechanging sum of money from a single spin with the game’s progressive jackpot.

However, dig a little deeper and a few rather large flaws in the title become apparent. Firstly, there is the upper betting limit. At just £10 per spin, it’s not just the high rollers that will feel alienated on this one.

Another flaw in the title is the measly return-to-player rating. We consider anything less than 95% to be on the low side. Pixel Samurai’s is a disappointing 93.98%!

Finally, there is a distinct lack of bonus features on the game. Apart from the progressive jackpot and cascading features, there is nothing to get players excited for repeat visits. There isn’t even a “wild” symbol!

This game has a rating of 3 / 5 with 385 total reviews by .

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