Luminous Life
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Luminous Life Slot Machine

The Luminous Life slot machine by Playtech takes players deep into the ocean. By deep we mean DEEP. This is the level that humans have barely seen – a place where the weirdest looking creatures are forced to emit light to avoid spending their days in perpetual blackness.

The game itself is a 243 ways to win title. This means it operates without win lines. Players instead must match symbols in adjacent positions on consecutive reels. It’s a nice dynamic that is increasingly popular with slot developers these days.

In terms of special features, Luminous Life offers a few but we’ll be covering those in more detail below.

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Luminous Life Review

Game info

Theme:Deep sea creatures
Payout %:94.44
Pay Lines:243 ways to pay
Max Win:250x line bet
Scatter:Free Games symbol
Our Rating:3 / 5


  • Solid look and feel. The bizarre creatures representing the different levels of payments give the slot a strong visual presence.
  • Exciting bonus feature. Well it’s exciting on a visual level – there seems to be a lot going on. More on this momentarily.


  • The prizes on Luminous life are a let down and this impacts the exciting-on-face-value bonus feature. Loads appears to be going on and this usually results in very little payment.
  • Kind of low return-to-player rating. At less than 95%, this is not the machine to grind through a sizeable bonus!

Top Jackpots

The top jackpots on Luminous Life are each awarded for matching five of the same high value symbols in adjacent positions on consecutive reels. Unfortunately, as I am no marine biologist and these creatures are the kind that live as deep as you can get, I have little clue what to call them. In lieu of their correct titles, I have instead opted to give a vague description of each.

Here are the payments for each five-of-a-kind winning combination of these higher value symbols:

  • “Wild” symbol = 250x the total bet.
  • Angler Fish = 100x the total bet.
  • Orange Jelly Fish = 40x the total bet.
  • Yellow Sea Creature = 30x the total bet.
  • Purple or Blue Jelly Fish = 20x the total bet.

Game Features

Luminous Respin

During the Luminous Respin feature, winning symbols will stay frozen in their position and the reels respin. If any winning combination is improved by the respin, the combination will freeze, and the reels will respin again.

Players should also not that the Free Games symbol can also participate in the feature for a better Free Games experience.

Luminous “Wilds” Free Games

Landing three or more Free Games symbols will trigger five free games with the Luminous Respin Feature!

During this bonus mode, all triggering Free Games symbols will turn into frozen “wilds” for the duration. This means that the more Free Games symbols landed, the more “Wild” symbols will be present on the reels for the feature. This can only result in bigger winnings!

Luminous Grand Prize

Landing a total of 15 Free Games symbols in every available position will trigger the Luminous Grand Prize.

243 Ways to Win

The Luminous Life slot machine does not have win lines. Instead, payments are made by matching symbols in adjacent positions on consecutive reels running from left to right. This makes for substantially more ways to hit a prize!

Regular Symbols

Along with the game’s higher value symbols, there are also some that award lesser prizes. Just like their more valuable counterparts, these are represented by bizarre sea creatures. Of course, my knowledge of the briny deep hasn’t improved during the course of writing this article so we will have to resort to poor descriptions once again – apologies!

Anyway, here are the prizes for hitting five-of-a-kind of each:

  • Blue or Green Sea Creatures = 16x the total bet.
  • Pink Creature = 12x the total bet.
  • Webbed Creature = 12x the total bet.

Betting Limits

Since the game operates a “ways to pay” system, rather than standard win lines, players can only adjust the total amount bet. Here, the lowest figure is just 20p and the highest is £300. Whilst certainly not the highest upper betting limit we’ve ever seen, it will be more than enough to satisfy all but the very upper echelons of high rollers.

Overall Rating

Luminous LifeAll told, Luminous Life is a bit of a let-down. It looks good enough and Playtech have added a few neat features. However, it is in serious need of a “wow factor”. This could have been the frozen symbols respin feature, but the prizes are so small in the main game that you must get very lucky for it to pay off. In all honesty, once you hit the fourth respin and the reels start filling with symbols, you start thinking about calling your boss to tell them where to stick their job. Then you see the total payment awarded and reconsider. A shame considering the effort spent of design and artwork really.

This game has a rating of 3 / 5 with 425 total reviews by .

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