Innocence and Temptation
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Innocence and Temptation slot Machine

The Innocence and Temptation slot from Playtech features some highly innovative design features. Possibly the most creative of which is allowing players to adjust the number of each symbols present on the reels to alter the gameplay dynamic. During the game, players can opt for higher prizes or frequent pay outs.

It’s a five reel, three row, and 20 line video slot machine with the possibility of dropping some truly spectacular prizes through the designers’ interesting take on bonus features. Ultimately, the finest feature of this machine is the control it affords players: whether you pick innocence or succumb to temptation is entirely up to you.

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Innocence and Temptation Review

Game info

Theme:Heaven and Hell/Angels and Demons
Payout %:94.16
Pay Lines:20
Max Win:20,000
Wild:Angel, and Demon
Our Rating:3 / 5


  • Innovative approach. The variable pay outs, and epic bonus rounds mentioned later in this article make the game a fun one to revisit.
  • Lots of different options to vary stakes. There are many intervals between the lowest spin cost of 20p, and the upper limit of £1,000 per spin. The machine caters for all pockets.


  • Art style is a little cartoony, and it feels a somewhat juvenile given the theme. Would benefit from stronger good/evil imagery.
  • The inclusion of typical bandit symbols (“Bar”, Lucky Number Seven, and Liberty Bells) feels out of place. The icons could have been directly related to the slot theme itself, giving an overall stronger motif.
  • The lack of variables to spread bets removes some control over players’ funds. The ability to alter the number of lines, and amount bet per line would be useful.

Top Jackpots

The highest value symbols for Innocence and Temptation are a devil, angel, a lucky number seven, a liberty bell, and a “Bar” symbol. Five-of-a-kind of each of these symbols are paid as follows:

  • Devil = 4,000x the line stake.
  • Angel = 2,000x the line stake.
  • Lucky Number Seven = 1,000x the line stake.
  • Liberty Bell = 500x the line stake.
  • Bar = 300x the line stake.

Game Features

Where Innocence and Temptation really sits apart from its peers is with its special features. There’s a few unique approaches to bonus design here that really help with the game’s replay value.

Customisable play experience

Players can vary their gameplay experience using a slider at the top of the reels. On the left-hand side of the scale is “innocence”, represented by the angel character. Players who opt for this game mode will receive more frequent bonuses, however the value will not be so high. On the right-hand side is a devil, or “temptation”. The bonuses for playing in this style will be less frequent but much higher.

Free Spin Bonus

Landing the Game Logo on reels two, three, and four will award an initial five free spins. After each spin, the player must pick a card to reveal an additional bonus.

These can be multipliers, additional free spins, and other goodies. As well as these prizes, there are two super cards – an angel, and a devil – that players can reveal. These remain active for the entire duration of the free spin rounds. The prize for revealing the devil is that all Jack, and Ten symbols in view are replaced by Bar symbols.

The angel prize is essentially the same only instead of Bar symbols, they’re replaced by the Ace.

Lightning Cash Bonus

At any point during the main game, lightning can strike the central reel causing a “cash eruption”. The strike itself, and the amount won are completely random.

Regular Symbols

As we’ve mentioned, the largest of the pay outs are from the title characters, and the classic casino symbols. However, there are additional symbols that award prizes to players. These are the classic “face” cards from a standard deck with a ten added (A, K, Q, J, 10).

Five-of-a-kind pays out at:

  • 100x the line stake for Ace.
  • 50x the line stake for King.
  • 30x the line stake for Queen.
  • 25x the line stake for Jack.
  • 20x the line stake for Ten.

Betting Limits

As we’ve mentioned, there’s not a whole lot of scope for spreading bets out on Innocence and Temptation, and this is certainly a hindrance to its overall enjoyment factor. Whereas many slots will have options to adjust the line bet, the coin value, and the number of lines, this machine merely offers a “stake”.

This ranges between 20p, and a mighty £1,000, meaning there is still plenty of variation, it’s just the experience isn’t quite as customisable as on some of the slot’s peers.

What We Think

Innocence or TemptationInnocence and Temptation is undoubtedly an innovative machine. The use of a slider to change the variance of the machine is a great touch, and the inclusion of two additional bonuses also works in its favour. It’s just a shame about the childish art style, and the lack of betting variations players can utilise.

This game has a rating of 5 / 5 with 730 total reviews by .

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