Ice Cave
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Ice Cave Slot Machine

In the Ice Cave slot machine from Playtech, players are taken back to the land of Vikings in search of treasures hidden deep in remotest of Norse caverns. The title looks and plays pretty well and offers players a couple of special features to boot.

Unfortunately, only one of these features is accessible using the standard betting limits. If you’re wanting to see the other feature, you will have to part with a little extra cash on every spin!

In terms of specifications, the slot is played over a five by three grid. It has 20 variable win lines and a top jackpot of 250x the total bet amount. We’ll cover all this in much more detail below, however.

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Ice Cave Review

Game info

Payout %:96.13
Pay Lines:20
Max Win:750x line bet
Wild:Hammer & Ice
Our Rating:3 / 5


  • Cool special feature. We like how the Ice and Hammer “Wild” symbols add something fresh to this title. They’re also thematically relevant.
  • Good look and feel to the game. We liked the artwork and music, which are also relevant and compliment the overall theme.


  • Woefully low upper betting limit. Some slots allow players to bet as much as £10,000 per spin. This makes Ice Cave’s £20 upper betting limit seem miniscule.
  • Lack of special features. Although the Ice and Hammer “Wild” dynamic is neat, the other special feature on the Ice Cave slot can only be accessed by betting additional funds. Whilst these kinds of features aren’t necessarily bad, a second true, free bonus stage would be welcomed.

Top Jackpots

The largest jackpots on the Ice Cave slot machine are awarded for matching five of the same symbols along one of the win lines. These are represented using typical Viking imagery such as the mighty warriors themselves, wolves, and ships.
As usual we’ve listed the prizes for hitting each five-of-a-kind winning combination below:

  • Jarl = 250x the total bet.
  • Valkyrie = 100x the total bet.
  • Fenrir = 100x the total bet.
  • Raven = 75x the total bet.
  • Long Ship = 75x the total bet.

A 3x multiplier can increase the max win to 750x your line bet.

Game Features

Ice “Wild” Symbols

The Ice “Wild” symbols in the Ice Cave slot multiply winnings by a factor of three. Ice “Wild” symbols will also freeze to the reels until they are removed by the Hammer “Wild” symbol. Ice “Wild” symbols are present on only reels three and four. The feature bet also enables Ice “Wild” symbols to appear on reel five – at a cost.

Hammer “Wild” Symbols

The Hammer “Wild” symbol also multiplies winnings by a factor of three. It serves to break up the Ice “Wild” symbols present on the screen when it lands. The Hammer “Wild” symbol will only appear on reel two.

Feature Bet Button

At any point during the game, players an opt to play the Feature Bet mode. This increases the total bet size by 1.5x and adds Ice “Wilds” to the fifth reel. It’s not that exciting but does increase the likelihood of dropping a decent prize.

Regular Symbols

In addition to those symbols awarding the largest payments on the Ice Cave slot machine, there are also some that grant lesser prizes. The images used for these are different Viking runes representing various words.

All the prizes for these lower symbols are listed below:

  • Wealth Rune = 50x the total bet.
  • Joy Rune = 25x the total bet.
  • Protection Rune = 25x the total bet.
  • Victory Rune = 15x the total bet.
  • Power Rune = 15x the total bet.

Betting Limits

Players can adjust both the number of win lines and the size of the total bet on the Ice Cave slot. The maximum and minimum number of lines is one and 20 respectively. Meanwhile, the minimum bet is just 1p and the maximum is just £20.

Unfortunately, Ice Cave is another slot from Playtech that really doesn’t cater well to the highest rollers around. To be honest, even mid-stakes players will find these betting limits on the low side!

Overall Rating

All told, Ice Cave is a rather mediocre slot. Although it looks good, the gameplay is sorely lacking. The Ice and Hammer “Wild” feature is pretty entertaining for a while. That said, without a free second feature, the replay value is very limited.

What’s more, the slot only allows players to bet a feeble £20 per turn. This will surely put off many high and even mid stakes players.

In a sea of other Viking-themed slot machines, Ice Cave really fails to stand out.

This game has a rating of 3 / 5 with 463 total reviews by .

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