Gem Burst
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Gem Burst Slot Machine

The Gem Burst slot machine by Playtech is a game that takes players on an expedition into the deep. The title seems to be about mining for bizarre treasures in some alien world.
The game offers players a lot to get excited about – from its strong visual presence to its fantastic bonus features. Let’s look closer at it.

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Gem Burst Review

Game info

Theme:Alien Mining
Payout %:96.16
Pay Lines:243 (ways to win)
Max Win:500x line bet
Scatter:Blasting Free Games symbol
Wild:Wild Meteorite
Our Rating:4 / 5


  • Great artwork and theme. We love the futuristic feel of this slot.
  • Fantastic and varied bonus features. There is a lot to discover on Gem Burst. The replay value is strong.


  • No real “wow” factor. There isn’t much to dislike but not a lot to really love on Gem Burst.

Top Jackpots

The top jackpots on the Gem Burst slot machine are all awarded for matching five-of-a-kind high value symbols in adjacent positions on consecutive reels. These symbols are represented by meteorites of various colours and the prizes for matching five of each are listed below:

  • Red Meteorite = 500x the coin value.
  • Purple Meteorite = 200x the coin value.
  • Gold Meteorite = 150x the coin value.
  • Silver Meteorite = 100x the coin value.

Game Features

Win Cascades and Multipliers

The Gem Burst game features cascading reels. This means that symbols forming part of a winning combination will disappear, causing non-winning symbols above to drop into the empty spaces. Additional symbols will then drop onto the gameboard from the top. This can create extra chances to win.

When a win triggers a cascade, the win multiplier is increased by one level. That increased multiplier is then applied to the next cascade win. We’ve listed the different multipliers below:

  • Initial win = 1x multiplier.
  • First Cascade = 2x multiplier.
  • Second Cascade = 3x multiplier.
  • Third Cascade = 4x multiplier.
  • Fourth and Additional Cascades = 5x multiplier.

Blasting Free Games

Blasting Free Games are triggered when three or more Blasting Free Games “scatter” symbols land anywhere on the reels. Every “scatter” symbol can transform into up to three Blasting Free Games bombs. Each of these bombs will award two Blasting Free Games. The minimum number awarded will be six and the maximum is 30.

To start Blasting Free Games, all bombs must be placed below a reel by dragging it from the reel area to the respective field. Up to three Blasting Free Games bombs can be placed under a single reel.

During Blasting Free Games, an additional mystery “?” symbol will be present on the reels. Whenever such a mystery symbol appears on a reel under which a Blasting Free Games bomb is placed, the bomb will detonate the mystery symbols and reveal an instant cash prize.

The amount of Blasting Free Games bombs placed under a reel does also act as a win multiplier for the mystery symbol winnings. So, if for example a mystery symbol lands on a reel with three Blasting Free Games bombs underneath, the Mystery symbol win is multiplied by three.

Mystery symbols landing on the reels one, two, and three win slightly less than those on reels four or five because cascades on the first three reels are more likely. Placed Blasting Free Games bombs will stay active throughout all Blasting Free Games they triggered.

Players can place the Blasting Free Games bombs to suite their own gaming style. Favouring the first three wheels will be lower variance. Meanwhile, the bigger gamblers can stick to the final two reels.

Players should note that Mystery symbol wins will not trigger a cascade and are not affected by the regular cascade win multiplier.
During Blasting Free Games no additional Blasting Free Games can be won.

Regular Symbols

In addition to the higher value symbols in Gem Burst, there are also those that don’t pay quite as handsomely. As is common on slot machines, these are represented by the upper end of a standard deck of playing cards (A, K, Q, J). The prizes for each five-of-a-kind combination are listed below:

  • Ace = 80x the coin value.
  • King = 60x the coin value.
  • Queen = 40x the coin value.
  • Jack = 30x the coin value.

Betting Limits

The only betting variable players can alter on the Gem Burst slot machine by Playtech is the value of each coin bet. This is then multiplied by a presumed 25 win lines and forms the size of the total bet. The minimum coin value is just 1p, making the lowest possible bet just 25p. Meanwhile, the maximum is £6, making the largest possible bet per spin £150.

Whilst this upper betting limit will satisfy most players around, it is certainly not the largest we’ve seen.

Overall Rating

Gem BurstThe Gem Burst slot is a great title that offers players loads in the gameplay and visual departments. We particularly liked the fantastic Blasting Free Games mode, which can really result in some massive payments.

The game is strong on all fronts but unfortunately it lacks a true “wow” factor. As such, we can imagine loads of people enjoying the title with few deeming it an absolute favourite.

This game has a rating of 4 / 5 with 650 total reviews by .

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