Astro Babes
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Astro Babes Slot Machine

The Astro Babes slot machine has a real 1970s depiction of the future kind of vibe. Clearly, we are all soon to live on the moon with airhostess-style ladies doing most of the space exploration. Of course, none of these galaxy-hopping gals is dressed for the occasion but we’ve a feeling that most players opting for a spin on this machine won’t mind that one bit.

In terms of gameplay dynamics, the title is played across a massive gameboard that features 100 win lines running in two directions. Each of the symbols comes in great big stacks of six too. This allows for greater chances to win and a better look at the team of experts assembled for this mission – if you’re that way inclined.

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Astro Babes Review

Game info

Theme:Girls of the Galaxy
Payout %:95.06
Pay Lines:100
Max Win:5,000x line bet
Wild:“Wild” and Girls covering full reels
Our Rating:4 / 5


  • Massive free spin mode. It’s hard to see how you wouldn’t win a payment with 50 free games!
  • Large main game prizes – we love being able to win four-figure prizes from a single spin!
  • Good artwork, even if the theme isn’t to everyone’s taste.


  • 1970s style, scantily clad space babes aren’t going to excite everyone. In 2018, some will find the slot’s theme distasteful.
  • Potentially restrictive betting limits.

Top Jackpots

The top jackpots on the Astro Babes slot machine are all awarded for matching five of the same scantily clad space vixens along one of the 100 win lines. As with all the symbols on this title, they appear as stacks of six. We’ve listed the prizes for each winning five-of-a-kind combination below:

  • “Wild” = 5,000x the line bet.
  • Bonny (Gold) = 800x the line bet.
  • Roxy (Red) = 500x the line bet.
  • Violet (Purple) = 500x the line bet.
  • Betsy (Blue)= 300x the line bet.
  • Gwen (Gold) = 300x the line bet.

Game Features

Hyperspace Delivery Bonus

Landing three or more “Scatter” symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger the Hyper Space Delivery Bonus. This is essentially a fancy name for a free spin mode.

The more “Scatter” symbols landed, the more free spins will be awarded. We’ve listed the distributions below:

  • 5 x “Scatter” symbol = 50x Free Games.
  • 4 x “Scatter” symbol = 20x Free Games.
  • 3x “Scatter” symbol = 12 Free Games.

What’s more, during the Free Games, each girl landing on a reel will nudge up or down to allow her to fill the full reel and trigger the Astro “Wild” bonus. Details on this below.

Astro “Wild”

Each of the five Astro Babes has her own reel. When a full stack of any of the girls lands over an entire reel, she turns “Wild” and will substitute for all other symbols except the “Scatter”.

Stacked Symbols

All the game’s symbols appear as stacks of six. This substantially increases the chances of winning a big prize!

Both Ways Win lines

The prizes in the Astro Babes slot machine are awarded for matching symbols along a win line in both the left-to-right and right-to-left directions.

Regular Symbols

In addition to the girls on the Astro Babes slot machine, there are also some items that are vital to the mission into deep space. These represent the game’s lower value prizes.

Just as with their higher value counterparts, we’ve listed the prizes for each five-of-a-kind combination of these symbols below:

  • Walkie Talkie = 80x the line bet.
  • Ray Gun = 60x the line bet.
  • Spanner = 60x the line bet.
  • Oxygen Tank = 50x the line bet.
  • Medic Kit = 50x the line bet.

Betting Limits

The number of betting lines is fixed at 100 on the Astro Babes slot machine. However, players can alter the amount bet on each one. Here, the minimum figure is just 1p. Meanwhile, the maximum is £5.

This means that with all the values set to their minimum, the lowest cost per spin on the Astro Babes title is just £1. Conversely, when all the values are maxed out, the highest possible bet per spin is a reasonably impressive £500.

Whilst most players will find these limits to be more than accommodating, those will the smallest or biggest bankrolls might find them a bit restrictive. Some players don’t want to play for £1 on every spin, of course. It soon adds up! Likewise, those accustomed to the very highest stakes might think that £500 per spin is beneath them.

Overall Rating

All told, the Astro Babes slot machine is a solid offering from Playtech, the artwork, music, and gameplay all work excellently together to create a game with a strong feel. We particularly enjoyed the bumper main game prizes, along with the massive free spin mode.

The only real bone of contention with the whole package is the theme itself. The decision to use half-naked astronauts as the main symbols will certainly irk some. However, those that enjoy this imagery will likely get a kick out of the Astro Babes and the slot of the same title.

This game has a rating of 4 / 5 with 742 total reviews by .

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