Alchemist’s Lab
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Alchemist’s Lab Slot Machine

Time was that people believed you could turn lead and other base minerals into gold, and the art of doing so was known as alchemy. Today we’ve moved on just a little, but it’s fair to say that with a little luck, the simple three reel slot that is Alchemist’s Lab can make money seemingly magically appear.

Interestingly themed and attractively designed, Alchemist’s Lab is one of the more simple slot games around but does boast a bonus game to add to its otherwise straightforward gameplay.

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Alchemist’s Lab Review

Game info

Payout %:96.93
Pay Lines:1
Max Win:30,000
Our Rating:3.0 / 5


  • There could hardly be an easier slot to understand and to play than Alchemist’s Lab.
  • The design and appearance of the game is very easy on the eye and uses the overall alchemy theme really cleverly.
  • A top payline jackpot that can be worth £30,000 is more generous than those found with many similarly simple one row slot games.


  • The slot’s gameplay is repetitive and simple, and in spite of the featured bonus game, many players may get bored quite quickly.
  • After the comparatively generous top jackpot, payouts fall away in value very rapidly.
  • With a set coin value and only the option to choose between betting one, two or three coins per line, staking options are really limited.

Top Jackpots

Boasting a simple and traditional format, Alchemist’s Lab includes just three reels and the one row. Jackpots, therefore, are achieved when three matching symbols line up across those three reels after a spin. The most generous jackpots of all result when the symbol in question is the one which depicts a gold coin.

If three of those symbols appear when a player has chosen to bet the maximum number of three coins, the resulting jackpot is worth 10,000 times the player’s bet. When betting two coins, meanwhile, the jackpot falls to 6,000 times the bet and for just one coin it is set at 3000 times the bet. As the coin value is set at £1, therefore, those top jackpots equate to £30,000, £18,000 and £9,000 respectively.

Game Features

Quick to grasp and easy to play, Alchemist’s Lab is not a slot packed full of additional features. There are, for instance, no wilds and no scatter symbols. What there is, however, is a fun and potentially beneficial bonus game.

Spell Book Bonus Game

If three of the Alchemist’s Lab spell book symbols appear on the reels after a spin, it triggers the slot’s bonus game. In that game, players must choose three potion bottles from a selection of seven in order to attempt to make gold. The combination of bottles chosen dictates the value of the instant win which the player will enjoy.

Regular Symbols

Following on from the slot’s overall theme, its reels are all populated by symbols showing images of what you might find in an alchemy lab. As we’ve already mentioned, it is the gold coin symbols which are most valuable, and after those it is the red potion symbols which it is next most beneficial to see appear.

At the lowest bet level of one coin, three red potions returns a jackpot worth 200 times the total bet. If two coins are bet, the jackpot rises to an amount equal to 400 times the bet and if the maximum three are bet, a jackpot of 600 times the bet results.

Betting Limits

Unfortunately, players of the Alchemist’s Lab slot do not have many options when it comes to altering the amount they bet per spin. The game, after all, does not have additional paylines to activate and the coin value is also always set at £1.

What players can do, however, is to choose whether to bet one coin, two coins or three coins per spin. In essence, therefore, players can either bet £1, £2 or £3 per spin when playing the Alchemist’s Lab slot.

What We Think

Alchemist's Lab SlotAlchemist’s Lab is what could accurately be described as a ‘Marmite slot’, in that players are likely to either love it or to hate it. Which side of the fence you fall on, is dependent upon what you’re looking for from a slot game.

Players who want an easy game to understand and to play, who enjoy small put regular payouts and appreciate a fun yet simple theme, for instance, will adore the Alchemist’s Lab slot. Players, on the other hand, who want larger jackpots, more staking options and more immersive and interesting gameplay are likely to simply hate it.

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