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Starburst Slot Machine

The Starbust slot game has 5 reels and 10 paylines but the paylines pay both ways so any win you spin in is doubled! There’s a top jackpot of 50,000 coins to shoot for and a wild which triggers re-spins to really ramp up your winnings.

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Starburst Review

Game info

Payout %:96.1%
Pay Lines:20
Max Win:50,000
Wild:Flower Crystal
Our Rating:4.8 / 5

Starburst is not to be confused with the fruity, chewy candy of the same name. This Starburst happens to be a slots game that has 5 reels and 10 lines (which pay both ways so 20 really) and features bright and sparkly jewels for the symbols amongst a background looking somewhat like stars and trancy-type music.

One thing that is unique about this game is the payouts. Most of your slots games pay out left to right only. This game pays out left to right and right to left. For example, if you get a win straight across with 5 of the same symbol, you get double the payout because the wins go in both directions. If you get 3 symbols on the right to left side, you get the payout for that if it starts on the rightmost reel. Example: You get 3 blue jewels on the middle line starting from the rightmost reel and going to the center. In virtually every other game you wouldn’t get a payout. In Starburst, you do. Now, we’ll take a look at the top prize available in Starburst.

Top Prize / Jackpot:

The top prize for Starburst is 50,000 coins and is triggered by getting the Bar across all active paylines when playing on the highest possible bet level.

If you spin in 5 bar icons on one payline then the payout is 250 however this slot pays both ways so that is increased to 500. If you then get this across all paylines with the max bet level active you’ll bag yourself the maximum jackpot available. Turning the bet level down will reduce the max payout so if you set it to level 1 the payout would be 5,000 not 50,000.


The other winning combinations in Starburst are as follows, values shown as-is. Remember all values are multiplied by bet level. The info below assumes a bet level of 1. First, we’ll look at the Wild, then the other regular symbols:

Starburst (flower crystal) – This colorful star is a wild and appears only on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reels. Any winning combinations that use the wild pay out as-is. The Starburst covers the entire reel. One re-spin is done for more potential payouts. If another Starburst comes on the remaining reels, then another re-spin is done. This can happen a maximum of 3 times as the reels in which they appear will all be covered.

  • 7 – This red 7 set against a blue sphere or planet pays out 120 for 5 on a payline and 25 for 3.
  • Yellow Jewel – This sparkly yellow gem pays you 60 for 5 on a payline and 10 for 3 on a payline.
  • Green Jewel – 5 of these green gems on a payline pays 50 and 3 on a payline pays 8.
  • Red Jewel – This red gem will pay out 40 for 5 on a payline and 7 for 3.
  • Blue Jewel – 25 is the win you’ll get for 5 on a payline and 5 for 3.
  • Purple Jewel – This purple gem is the lowest paying symbol, with a win of 25 for 5 on a payline and 5 for 3. Now, we’ll check out the betting limits for Starburst.

Betting Limits:

The betting limits for this game have 3 factors: lines bet, coins per line, and coin value. You can bet up to 10 lines and 10 coins per line. Your coin values are: 0.01-1. Thus, with all 10 lines bet, 10 coins per line and 1 coin value, your maximum bet is 100.

Did We Like It?

StarburstOverall, we liked Starburst, though not really for its look which is one repeated throughout many Tetris style games and apps.

Graphical quality is good though and the fact that the paylines work both ways, paying you from right to left as well as left to right, is a real bonus and helps wins to add up significantly. Both ways is a feature not abailable on many slots so to have it on this one certainly makes it more unique.

If the spacey-type theme is to your liking, then Starburst will likely be a game that you enjoy. If sparkly jewels for symbols grab your attraction, then Starburst is for you… Or you are like us, and simply think it’s cool that the paylines pay in both directions, then Starburst is definitely for you.

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