Lost Relics
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Lost Relics Slot Machine

Lost Relics by NetEnt has clearly been inspired by the now-legendary action movies of Indiana Jones. In the game, we join a young female archaeologist hunting for relics in an ancient temple.

All aspects of this machine have been delivered excellently with great animative touches complementing the action and artwork perfectly. The game itself is played over a 5×5 grid and payments are made for matching symbols in clusters rather than along strict win lines. Let’s look a bit closer at this creative, captivating title, shall we?

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Game info

Theme:Treasure hunting/archaeology
Payout %:96.3
Pay Lines:N/A
Max Win:6,000
Our Rating:4.5 / 5


  • Great theme, and artwork.
  • Creative gameplay features keep the action varied.
  • Cluster pays are a great way to change up the often-samey gameplay of online slot machines.


  • There isn’t a lot to dislike about this title.

Top Jackpots

The top jackpots on the Lost Relics game are all awarded for filling the entire screen (25 positions) with the same symbol. Understandably, the prizes are pretty huge for doing this! We’ve listed them all below:

  • Gold snake, or Ring = 6,000x the line bet.
  • Helmet, or Dagger = 3,000x the line bet.
  • Spade, Diamond, Heart, Club = 1,500x the line bet.

Game Features

Cluster Pays

Six or more of the same symbols appearing in a cluster will award a win according to the game’s pay table. Symbols are part of clusters if they appear next to a matching symbol either vertically or horizontally.

Random Features

During the main game, when a spin results in a winning combination, up to five instances of three random features in any combination may be activated after the reels stop but before winnings are awarded.

The main game contains the following random features: Coin Win feature, Extra “Wild” feature, Extra “Scatter” feature.

Coin Win

When the Coin Win feature is activated, one of the symbols in a winning combination awards a coin win of between three and 30 times the bet.

Any wins from the Coin Win feature are added to any wins from the round that activated the Coin Win feature. The symbol awarding the coin win is still a part of the winning cluster too.

Extra “Wild”

When the Extra “Wild” feature is activated, three extra “Wild” symbols are awarded. These are randomly placed on the reels in the positions that are not part of the winning cluster and not occupied by “Scatter” or “Wild” symbols.

Up to 15 “Wild” symbols may appear on the reels as a result of the Extra “Wild” feature.

Extra “Scatter”

When the Extra “Scatter” feature is activated, one of the symbols in a winning combination awards an extra “Scatter” symbol. The symbol which awarded the extra “Scatter” remains part of the winning cluster too.

Free Spins

If three “Scatter” symbols are collected during the main game, 10 free spins will be activated. “Scatter” symbols can appear anywhere on reels one, three, and five during the main game. An exception is a “Scatter” symbolwhich is awarded as part of the Extra “Scatter” feature.

Hidden Chest

In the Free Spins mode, a chest occupying a number of spaces is randomly hidden behind the reels. Spaces under the winning clusters become uncovered and may reveal the hidden chest.

Uncovered spaces carry over to the next spin until the chest is fully uncovered.

After a chest has been found, the uncovered spaces are reset and must be uncovered again. A new chest is then hidden in a random location.

There are three types of chest: small, medium, and large. The type of the chest is randomly picked, except the first two chests awarded. These are always either small or medium.

Once all spaces covering the chest have been uncovered, the chest is awarded, and a random number and combination of the following features are granted to the player: Extra Free Spins, Sticky “Wild”, and Coin Win.

  • When the Extra Free Spins feature is granted in a chest, an additional Free Spin is automatically added to the current Free Spins.
  • When the Sticky “Wild” feature is granted in a chest, a “Wild” symbol randomly takes the position of another symbol on the reels. It remains there until the end of the Free Spins.
  • When the Coin Win feature is granted in a chest, a coin win of between one and 30 times the bet is awarded to the player.

Betting Limits

Although there are no win lines as such on the Lost Relics game, the betting limits are worked out as if the action was being played over 20 lines. Therefore, players can only adjust the number of coins bet on each of these supposed win lines, as well as the value of each of the coins. The maximum and minimum number of coins bet on each line per spin is 10 and one respectively. Meanwhile, the highest and lowest coin values are 1p and £2 respectively.

This means that with all the values set to their minimum, the lowest possible bet per spin is just 20p. When every variable is set to its upper limit, the highest possible bet per spin is an impressive £400. Clearly, the high rollers will be impressed with the Lost Relics slot machine.

Overall Rating

Lost RelicsTo conclude, the Lost Relics slot machine is great. There really isn’t a lot to dislike about it. The artwork, music, theme, features, payments, and gameplay style are all enjoyable and combine to create a game with a lot of replay value. We particularly liked the hidden chest feature – it adds a great extra dimension to the typical Free Spin mode.

This game has a rating of 5 / 5 with 861 total reviews by .

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