Dazzle Me
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Dazzle Me Slot Machine

Featuring an array of gemstone symbols, Dazzle Me is a slot game with five innovative differently sized reels, which is easy on the eye and potentially very kind to the wallet. The game has an astonishing 76 paylines, a theoretical return to player percentage of 96.9% and features including ‘Dazzling Wild Reels’, free spins and linked reels.

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Dazzle Me Review

Game info

Payout %:96.6%
Pay Lines:76
Max Win:152,000
Scatter:Free Spins
Wild:Dazling Wild Reels
Our Rating:4.8 / 5

Not featuring many of the complicated features or glitzy graphics of other slots games, what Dazzle Me does have is an attractive appearance and a handful notable elements. Those elements include a really impressive top jackpot, a few fun special symbols, an easy to understand paytable and plenty of bet amount choices, and you will find details of all of these below.

Top Jackpot

Dazzle Me’s innovative different sized reels allow the game to offer a pre-set 76 paylines and the most valuable combinations across any of those paylines occur when five identical symbols line up consecutive.

The most valuable of the game’s symbols – which will be discussed further later – pays out at 200 times the player’s bet level if five of them are featured on a payline. The maximum jackpot per line therefore equates to 2,000 (200 times bet level 10) and if that top combination were to appear across all 76 paylines that would mean a payout of the maximum 152,000 coins. At the highest coin value of £2, that jackpot would be worth a cool £304,000 to the lucky player.


Special Symbols

This particular slot is not one packed full of extra features and special symbols, but it does have ‘Dazzling Wild Reels’, a free spins symbol and a linked reels feature within those free spins.

‘Dazzling Wild Reels’ can appear randomly as whole reels overlaying any of the normal five and featuring only wild symbols. Those wild symbols substitute for all other symbols except the free spins symbol and will always go towards making up the highest possible winning combination on any payline.

If a player’s spin reveals three or more free spins symbols anywhere across the reels, this activates a certain number of free spins. If it is three symbols it equals eight free spins, if it is four it equals 12 and if it is five it equals 16. The free spins take place at the same bet level and coin value as the round which activated them and work in the same way as normal spins except for the presence of the linked reels feature.

That linked reels feature can see identical linked reels appear adjacently at the beginning of a spin, anywhere from reels 1-4. This therefore guarantees that at least two consecutive symbols will be in place along the paylines and greatly increases the chances of higher paying combinations and large winnings.

Regular Symbols:

Dazzle Me’s symbols are essentially a combination of gemstones and more traditional Vegas style symbols, and it is two of the latter which make up the most valuable winning combinations. Those two symbols are the classic Vegas 7 symbol and the golden bell symbol, with the five of the 7s paying out 200 times a player’s bet level and five of the golden bells paying out 100 times.

What that means is that at the maximum bet level of 10, five of the 7s provide a win equal to 2000 coins and five of the bells provide a win equal to 1000 coins. At the highest coin value of £2, the currency equivalent of those payouts therefore, equal £4000 and £2000 respectively.

Betting Limits

The Dazzle Me slot game provides players with a lot of options when it comes to how much they can stake per spin and it does so by allowing players to set both the coin value and the bet level for the upcoming spin.

There are eight different coin values from 1p to £200 and bet levels from 1-10, each of which increase the number of coins wagered by 20. The lowest settings for each of these therefore (bet level one and a coin value of 1p) mean that the player wagers 20 coins worth 1p each and so a total of 20p. The highest settings (bet level ten and a coin value of £2) mean a wager of 200 coins worth £2 each and so a total of £400.

What We Think

It is very clear once you have looked at the ins and outs of the Dazzle Me slots game, which type of players it is designed to appeal to. That is those players who like really big top jackpots and easy to play games and aren’t particularly worried about added features like graphics or bonus rounds.

Dazzle Me is after all, a very straightforward slot that involves just its main game and a free slots feature which works in a very similar manner to that main game. If you are looking for a more fun, innovative and interesting slots experience therefore, Dazzle Me may not be for you.

Where the simplistic Dazzle Me does excel however, is when it comes to the stake amount choices it gives to players and the size of the top jackpot which it boasts. Players have ten bet levels and eight coin values to choose from for ultimate control over their betting and the potential top jackpot which can be worth as much as £304,000 is undoubtedly one of the very best around.

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