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Aliens Slot Machine

Aliens is a slots game themed around the Aliens film franchise and features loads of symbols and 3D graphics related to the movies throughout its three levels. It is a five reel and three row game with 15 pre-set paylines and a theoretical return to player percentage of 96.4%. Players control their bet amount by choosing from ten different bet levels and seven separate coin values and the maximum jackpot is 570,000 coins.

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Aliens Review

Game info

Theme:Aliens Movies
Payout %:96.4%
Pay Lines:15
Max Win:570,000
Wild:Weyland Corp Logo
Our Rating:4.6 / 5

Based upon the many Aliens movies released in the past decades, this slot is of the five reel and three row variety, and includes notable features like collectable multiples, re-spins and one wild symbol.

To give you a better understanding of exactly how the game works and what it offers to players, we will now look closer at those features and at the game’s different levels, symbols and its maximum jackpot.

Top Jackpot

The Aliens slot is based upon players betting coins on each spin and gives those players the choice of setting how much those coins are worth and how many coins they bet per line. That will be explained in more detail later but is important to establish in order to understand what the Aliens maximum jackpot of 570,000 coins actually means.

That figure of 570,000 is the theoretical maximum that any player can win by building up payouts and bonuses. Those winnings can be accrued by achieving matching coloured alien symbols within the 15 pre-set paylines and can be supplemented by bonus wins achieved within the second and third level of the game, which are both essentially bonus rounds.


Special Symbols & Features:

Aliens SlotThis game is not one which is packed with special symbols and in fact only includes one wild symbol in the form of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation logo (a company featured in the movies). That symbol can appear anywhere on reels two to five during level one of the game and anywhere on the reels during level two. It acts as a substitute for any other symbol as part of one of the 15 pre-set paylines and will always work toward the highest possible winning combination.

Whilst that is the only real ‘special symbol’ within the game, the other symbols which all represent aliens from the movies do also work in a special way beyond their normal purpose of forming paylines….

During ‘Level 1: the Search’, which is essentially the main part of the game, winning spins add the symbols from those spins to the ‘Alien Activity Meter’ at the top of the screen and if that nine step meter fills up, it activates level two of the game. As well as activating that second level, the number of symbols within the meter also serves to increase the multipliers for the corresponding symbols which can be anything from x2 to x14.

‘Level 2: the Encounter’ and ‘Level 3: the Hive’ – which can subsequently be triggered in a similar fashion – are then essentially bonus rounds of the game that introduce added elements involving ammunition and grenades to the gameplay. Those additional elements are largely used to determine how long a player remains within the bonus levels and while they are in those levels the multipliers built up in level one provide a great opportunity to rack up large winnings.

Other Symbols:

As we have mentioned above, all of the game’s symbols represent different aliens from the movies and winning spins are those with three or more consecutive matching symbols on the 15 pre-set paylines. Matching five symbols is obviously better than three or four and the most valuable symbol is the large red alien symbol. Matching five of those on any payline provides a win worth 1000 times the current bet level and that equates to a maximum of 10,000 coins which can equal £10,000 at the highest coin value.

Multipliers added to the symbols by way of being featured in the ‘Alien Activity Meter’ can then enhance those payouts farther and that is particularly relevant within the gameplay of the two higher levels of the game. Completing ‘Level 3: the Hive’ also provides a bonus coin win of 240 x the current bet.

Betting Limits

When playing the Aliens slot game, players can select their bet amount by setting both the ‘Bet Level’ and the ‘Coin Value’. ‘Coin Value’ determines how much each coin is worth within the game and there are seven choices ranging from 1p to £1.00.

There are then ten different ‘Bet Levels’ from one to ten, which set the overall coins bet per line at anywhere between 15 and 150. The minimum bet amount therefore equates to 15p and the maximum is a considerably higher £150.

What We Think

All in all, there is a lot to like about the Aliens slot game. The Hollywood movie theme makes the game an interesting one to play and allows it to boast impressive features and really fun graphics. Players are also likely to enjoy the level of control they have over their bet amount and the easy to understand 15 pre-set paylines.

The maximum win amount of a potential 570,000 coins is also a very generous one, with each coin potentially being worth £1.00 at the highest ‘Coin Value’ and ‘Bet Level’ settings. Whilst the gameplay may sound complicated on paper, in practice it is actually pretty easy to understand and all of that makes Aliens a really attractive slots game option.

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