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What Happens if a Slot Machine Malfunctions?

Online slots have top quality gameplay, graphics and user experience. We’d argue they far outperform live slots.

However, they rely on your hardware, the casino’s hardware and your internet connection.

Very rarely they can malfunction and in this article we’ll explain what happens if a slot machine malfunctions while you’re playing.

Key Points:

It’s very rare but problems and malfunctions can still happen playing online slots.

If you close a slot game by mistake, the game continues and any winnings added to your account automatically.

Completion of a spin or game round is also possible even if your computer freezes or connection drops.

If a slot game itself malfunctions, gameplay or winnings associated with that play are typically voided.

What Happens if I Accidentally Close the Game?

Close ScreenAs much as we’d all like to deny it, now and again everyone has mistakenly closed the wrong window or clicked to close a browser when they only meant to minimise it. In most circumstances, it’s a little annoying but far from the end of the world. When what you’ve mistakenly closed, however, is a slot game that you were in the process of playing it has the potential to be a costly error.

Fortunately, however, most online slot software takes into account the possibility (or rather probability) of such a mistake occurring. As such, most games if they are closed in the process of a spin or other feature, are able to complete the action and successfully credit a player with any winnings resulting from it. Some games, too, are designed so as to re-open automatically at the exact point they were closed when a player logs back in to their online casino account.

What Happens if My Computer Freezes Whilst Playing Slots?

Computer FreezeIf closing a window or program by mistake is a comparatively common occurrence, a computer freezing or crashing is one that is almost unavoidable. No matter how new or how high-spec your machine is, after all, it will occasionally falter. If that happens while you’re playing an online slot, it can once again be a worrying circumstance that could leave you wondering if you’ve just lost out on that big win.

Once again, however, the situation may not be quite as dire as it seems. Whilst online casinos make a point that they are not liable for any losses caused due to technical faults beyond their control, after all, slot games do have the capacity to complete an ongoing round or game as explained above. In many cases, therefore, after your computer freezes and you have rectified the underlying issue, you will be able to log back in to your gaming account and find that any ongoing game round was completed automatically.

What Happens if My Internet Connection Drops?

Connection DropInternet connections are far more reliable today than just ten or even five years ago. It is far from unknown, however, for those connections to still drop out now and again with no reasonable provocation. If this happens, it will obviously disrupt any slot game you may be playing online at the time.

Thanks to the same capability of a game to resolve itself as has been described above, however, a loss of internet connection shouldn’t affect any ongoing spin or game round. Instead, the slot game in question should be able to complete that spin or round in spite of the lost connection and when you log back into your online casino account you will be able to see what winnings or otherwise resulted.

What if the Slot Itself Malfunctions?

Slot MachineThe only real circumstance where a malfunction can leave an online slots player out of pocket is if the malfunction occurs with the slot game itself, rather than with their computer or connection. Whilst modern slot games are highly sophisticated and have benefitted from a great deal of development and refinement, such malfunctions do still occasionally occur and online casinos must protect themselves from them.

As such, toward the bottom of every slot game’s terms and conditions or within an online casinos overall T & Cs will be a statement along the line of ‘a malfunction voids all pays and play’. What that means is if a slot game develops a fault or malfunctions, a casino is within their rights to claim that all play and all winnings related to the time that the slot was working incorrectly are invalid. As such, it is in these circumstances that casinos may withhold or reclaim such winnings.