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What Is The Minimum Bet For Slot Machines?

Are you new to the world of online slots? Scared you may accidentally click on the wrong button and accidentally wager half your bankroll on a single spin? Well there’s no need to worry as in this article we are going to explain all you need to know about minimum betting on slot machines.

We’ll start our by showing you the min bet on slots at the following casinos, then we’ll teach you how to work out how much you’re betting per spin.

List Of Min Bets For Slots

Casino Min Deposit Min Bet Our Rating Play
Betvictor Casino £5 0.1p 5* Star Play now!
New customers only,
T&C’s apply, 18+
Coral Casino £5 0.1p 5* Star Play now!
New customers only,
T&C’s apply, 18+
Betfair Casino £5 0.1p 4* Star Play now!
New customers only,
T&C’s apply, 18+
Ladbrokes Casino £5 0.1p 4* Star Play now!
New customers only,
T&C’s apply, 18+
Betfred Casino £5 0.1p 3.5* Star Play now!
New customers only,
T&C’s apply, 18+
Unibet Casino £10 0.1p 5* Star Play now!
New customers only,
T&C’s apply, 18+

Note: there are many slots at all casinos you can play for 1p coin value and play just 1 payline so your min bet = 0.1p. Min deposit therefore is likely more important as to which casino you join.

How To Calculate Cost Per Spin

To work out what the cost of your bet is (and therefore what the minimum bet you can make on a slot is), you need to first understand how the cost of a single spin is calculated and on most slots there are two factors that decide this. The first is the coin value and the second is the number of paylines.

Coin Value: How It Works

Coin ValueOn some slots, the coin value is set at a predetermined amount, but on the majority of modern online slots, you will find that you can select the value of your coin from the smallest amounts (usually around the £0.01 to £0.05 mark) up to the larger amounts (which can be anything from £0.50 up to £10 or even more on some high roller slots).

Most slots allow you to click on a button which scrolls through the different coin options. Others will bring up a menu of different coin values and you can select the coin you want to play as your unit stake from here.

Obviously, when you are making the minimum bet, you always want to select the lowest possible coin denomination, which on most slots is usually £0.01.

Paylines: How They Work

PaylinesJust because you have selected a coin value of £0.01 does not mean that your standard bet is going to be that amount. That is because when you spin a modern online slot, you need to have covered all the paylines in play with one of your unit stake amounts.

A payline is simply one of the ways you can win by landing symbols in a predetermined pattern across the reels. Older style and retro slots tended to have just a few paylines (between 1 and 9) but more modern slots can have considerably more, with between 10 and 40 paylines the norm. The more paylines you have in play on a spin, the more options you have available to win, but conversely, the more paylines you need to cover with your bet.

For example, if you are playing a 40 payline slot with a coin value of £0.01 and you have all 40 paylines in play, then your cost per spin is £0.01 x 40 paylines, which is £0.40 per spin.

In many slots however, you can select the number of paylines you want to have in play by clicking on a button which increases or decreases the number of paylines in play. By using this you can reduce the size of your minimum bet down to the minimum number of paylines in play x the minimum coin value (which in many cases is 1 payline and 1 £0.01 coin, for a minimum bet of £0.01.

However, on a growing number of slots, the number of paylines in play is fixed at a stated number and that means a player cannot select or deselect paylines and therefore the minimum bet here is the stated number of paylines x the lowest coin value. So if you have a 20 fixed paylines slot with a minimum coin value of £0.02, then the minimum bet on this slot is £0.40.

Slots With Ways Not Lines

There are exceptions to this rule however and the first of these is when you have a Ways to Win slot. On these slots, there are no paylines in play but instead, what you have is a very high number of ways to win across the reels. Usually these slots will pay out when you have the same symbols on adjoining reels from left to right in any position.

A popular number of ways to win is 243, but you can get 512 ways to win and even 1024 or 2048 ways to win on some games.

Of course, if you had to wager a coin on every way to win, then the cost of the slot would become prohibitive for smaller stakes players, so on these games the number of coins wagered per spin is set at a specific value. This is usually between 20x and 50x your coin value. So if your coin value was £0.05 and this ways to win slot had a 50x coin value, then your minimum wager would be £2.50. However, reduce that coin value down to £0.01 and your minimum wager then becomes £0.50.

Bet Levels: What’s Their Impact?

Bet LevelOn a certain number of fixed payline slots (particularly those by NetEnt) you can further increase your bet by clicking on the Level option. What this does is multiplies your total bet by the Level that you select and this is easier explained in an example.

Let’s say you are playing a 15 fixed payline NetEnt slot with a coin value of £0.02. The default level for your bet is Level 1 and therefore your bet is worked out by the following calculation.

(No of Paylines x Coin Value) x Level Selected

Therefore it would be (15 x £0.02) x 1 which is £0.30. However, if you then selected Level 2, your total bet would be (15 x £0.02) x 2, which is £0.60.

Most of these slots allow you to go up to Level 10 to increase the value of your bet, but for minimum bets, you should always keep this meter on Level 1.

Should you bet the minimum possible bet on any slot?

Minimum betting on slots does have positives and negatives associated with it. Let’s take a look at them in simple form:

Positives: Min Betting On Slots

  • It is the cheapest form of slots betting
  • Your bankroll will last for the longest possible time
  • You can experience a massive range of slot games with a relatively small bankroll
  • You can play for the longest possible time before you run out of money and therefore have the best chance of unlocking bigger value wins or key bonus features on the slot.

Negatives: Slot Min Bets

  • Playing the lowest number of paylines per spin drastically reduces your chances of a win on each spin considerably.
  • Playing Min Bet is nowhere near as exciting as playing the full amount of paylines. It can also be frustrating to see winning paylines on the screen along other paylines that you do not have in play.
  • The prizes you win are scaled so if you bet the smallest amount you can only win the lowest value prizes
  • On some games, if you do not play all the possible paylines then you do not stand a chance of winning the jackpot. On the Major Millions slot for example, this allows you to play up to 15 paylines per spin, but if you do not play all 15 then you cannot win the progressive jackpot prize (which at the time of writing stands at over £1.6 million).

Many sensible slots players generally follow a simple rule when it comes to their bet amount per spin, they will play the lowest coin value available, but will always play the maximum number of paylines, which means they are playing all possible paylines, but for the lowest possible price and this is sound advice for anyone wanting to increase their chance of winning but keep the stakes under control.