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What are the Min & Max Bets for Roulette?

Online RouletteFew casino games are as iconic as the game of Roulette, whether you are playing the French/European version, or the American version of the wheel, it remains a hugely popular game.

In this handy guide we’ll list what the minimum and maximum bets are for Roulette online and cover what bets are available and how they work.

Roulette Minimum & Maximum Bets: Online Casinos

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Roulette Bets Available & How They Work

Roulette is a game which offers players the chance to make many different bets on the ‘layout’ which is the term used to describe the felt table top where you place your bets. Bets are organised into two distinct types of bets, based on where you can locate them on the layout. These are the Outside and Inside bets.

We have listed all these bets below and for each we have listed the odds that you are traditionally paid out at should your bet win at the table.

Outside Bets

Roulette Outside Bets

Outside bets are bets that you will find on the outside of the Roulette layout and these bets offer you a greater chance of success than Inside Bets, but the payout you receive for winning will be generally lower than inside bets. There are six different types of Outside Bets you can place:


This is a bet which simply covers the numbers 1-18, if the ball lands in the section for any of these numbers on that spin you win. Odds – Even Money.


This is essentially the same bet as the 1-18 bet, but this time the ball needs to land in one of the slots for the numbers between 19 and 36 to win. Odds – Even Money.

Red or Black

Each of the numbers on a roulette wheel has a colour associated with it. Half of the numbers between 1 and 36 are red coloured, the other half or black and the zero (or zeroes) are green. This is a bet simply on what the colour of the number will be when the ball lands in a slot. Pick the correct colour for the spin and you win. Odds – Even Money.

Even or Odd

All numbers (apart from zero) are either odd or even numbered and so this is another outside bet you can place in roulette. Select whether the next number will be Odd or Even and if you guess correctly, you win. Odds – Even Money.

Dozen Bets

For the Dozen Bet you use the space on the layout marked with 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12. Placing a chip on the 1st 12 space places a bet on the ball landing in the first twelve numbers 1-12, for 2nd 12 this coveres numbers 13-24 and for the 3rd 12 bet this covers numbers 25-36. The ball must land in one of the numbers covered by your bet to win. Odds – 2/1.

Column Bets

The Column bet is a wager which covers one of the three rows of numbers running across the layout. Simply place your chip in the space after the final three numbers on the outside of the layout and if the ball lands in one of the numbers in the 12 in that row, then you win. Odds – 2/1.

Inside Bets

Roulette Inside Bets

Inside bets are found on the inner part of the Roulette layout and these bets offer you less chance of success each spin than outside bets, but conversely you will get longer odds so a bigger payout if you win on these bets than you would on an Outside Bet. There are also six different types of inside bets you can place:

Straight Up

This is the longest odds bet in roulette as it is simply a bet on a single number coming up on the next spin. If you back red 23 for example, then the ball must land on the red 23 space on the wheel on the next spin in order for the bet to win. Odds – 35/1.


A split bet is when you place your chip over two single numbers on the layout (so for example on the line between numbers 19 and 20. This means that you will win if either of the numbers you have covered comes up in the next spin. Odds – 17/1.


A street bet is a bet placed on the three numbers in a single line on the layout (such as 4,5 and 6) and you place this bet by putting your chip on the top of the ‘street’ you want to bet on (on the outer border of the highest value number). Your bet wins if the ball lands in any of the slots of the three numbers you have covered with your bet. Odds – 11/1/.


A Trio bet uses the green zero (or double zero) space on the layout and combines these selections with the first three numbers on the board (1,2 or 3). You can bet on 0, 1 and 2, and 0, 2 and 3 on traditional French Roulette games with just a single zero, but on American Roulette, the bets are slightly different as you can bet on 0, 1 and 2 and 00, 2 and 3 on this. Regardless of the type of game, this bet pays out at the same odds. Odds – 11/1.


Also known as the ‘Square’ bet, this is a bet that you place by putting your chip in the corner that adjoins four numbers on the layout, for example, 11, 12, 14 and 15 could be one ‘square’. The bet is called this as the four numbers on the layout you cover roughly make the shape of a square. Odds – 8/1.


A Six-Lane bet is a similar bet to a Street bet, only this time, rather than backing a single line of three numbers, you place your token on the outer border of the square where two Streets of three numbers meet. This bet now covers six different numbers (hence the name). This bet is also sometimes referred to as a Double Street bet. Odds – 5/1.

Roulette Betting Limits

Roulette Betting LimitsOnline casinos will have their own maximum and minimum bet limits for Inside and Outside bets depending on the type of roulette game you are playing.

You can play both low stakes and high stake roulette online and the minimum and maximum bet limits available in each game can vary significantly from game to game and from casino to casino as shown in the table above.

What you will find at all casino’s is that there is a betting limit for Roulette. This is in place to stop punters using any kind of Martingale system to beat the house (double you bet when you lose).