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Lucky 7 Slot Machine

Betsoft have done a solid job of recreating a vintage fruit machine on Lucky 7s. It’s completely honest to the classic one-armed bandit formula. The single win line game is as basic as they come and deliberately so. There are no features whatsoever and limited bonuses. All told, it’s rather boring. However, there are some players who enjoy a much more stripped back slot experience. These will no doubt find it one of the more pleasing offerings in the one win line machine category.

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Lucky 7 Review

Game info

Theme:Classic fruit machine
Payout %:97
Pay Lines:1
Max Win:5,000
Our Rating:2 / 5


  • Lucky 7 does look exactly like an old timey slot machine. Whether you think that’s a positive or not, the game does hold more visual appeal than other slot maker’s most simplistic efforts.
  • Decent top prize.
  • Great return-to-player rating.


  • With no features and no bonus modes, Lucky 7 will likely grow old quickly.
  • Despite the game’s “Accepts… $100 Bills” sign, the maximum bet is a miniscule £3 per spin. This is frankly ridiculous.

Top Jackpots

Unlike more modern slots, there is no tier differentiation between the symbols on Lucky Seven and being played across just three reels means that players only need match three of each symbol to win a prize. We’ve listed the pay-outs for hitting three-of-a-kind below. These are based on the maximum of three coins bet per win line:

  • Any one cherry = 6x the line bet.
  • Any “BAR” = 9x the line bet.
  • Any two cherries = 30x the line bet.
  • “BAR” = 60x the line bet.
  • “BAR BAR” = 15x the line bet.
  • “BAR BAR BAR” = 300x the line bet.
  • All cherries = 450x the line bet.
  • All game logos = 750x the line bet.
  • All Lucky Sevens = 5,000x the line bet.

Game Features

As mentioned, there aren’t any features on Lucky 7. Being styled on a vintage fruit machine, it doesn’t really make sense to have an elaborate second screen bonus stage. However, some free spins or similar touch would be nice.

The only thing worthy of note is that the best value is had from Lucky Seven when playing for three coins. For every symbol, the two coin pay-out is double the one coin prize, and for every symbol except the top jackpot, the three coin prize is triple the one coin pay-out. When it comes to three-of-a-kind Lucky 7s, players will receive 5,000x the line bet, instead of the 3,000 that follows the other prize increments.

Betting Limits

There is only one win line on Lucky 7. This limits the number of ways a player can vary their bets on the slot. However, it’s possible to adjust the value of every coin as well as the number bet on each line. Players can select between 2p and £1 coins, and can play one, two, or three of them on the single win line. Why anybody would play less than the maximum of three is anyone’s guess. With the prizes weighted in the way that they are, players will only achieve the slot’s stated RTP if they are eligible for the enhanced top prize.

All this means that the lowest possible bet per spin is just 2p. Meanwhile, the highest is a woeful £3. As if the appeal of Lucky 7 wasn’t limited enough. BetSoft’s exclusion of all but the lowest rollers just narrowed it even further.

What We Think

Lucky 7 SlotLucky 7 does exactly what it sets out to do very well. It’s a no nonsense, classically-inspired fruit machine. Does that make it good? Unfortunately, not. Granted some players will like its retro charm. However, we’ve grown accustomed to lavish animation and thoughtful bonus rounds from one of the planet’s best slot designers. That said, when put side-by-side with other slot machines feature three or less win lines, it’s a much better-looking game and its theme is more relevant to its simplistic gameplay.

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