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All Out Slots LogoSo you want to know more about what’s happening here at All Out Slots? Well good news, you’ve come to the right place.


Why build a site dedicated to slot machines?

It’s simple really… passion. Just to be clear we’re not talking about some romantic love affair here. We’re talking about an exciting hobby, that when done responsibly, can be a whole heap of fun.

The site was started by our Editor and chief David Simpson in 2017 for a few simple reasons:

  • To provide reviews and opinion on the best slots machine available online.
  • Where possible to provide free to play versions of the most popular slots around.
  • To give the players a chance to cast their vote on the games they’re playing and showcase the best of the best.
  • For fun.
  • To make some side income – most sites won’t point this out on their about page but this website does make some money, right now it’s just about enough to keep it running but that’s another issue.

What plans are there for the future?

Well the site was launched with around 50 slot reviews and the plan is to grow that number to be as big as it can possibly be. Bear with us as that’s going to take some time but we’re dedicated and we’d like to have the biggest collection of reviews out there at some point in the future.

We are also planning to add casino reviews to the site from a slots players perspective so we can help new players find the best places to play, fair games and guaranteed payouts when they strike it lucky (not always as straightforward as it sounds).

Meet The Team

David Simpson

Favourite Game: Mega Fortune
Favourite Manufacturer: Netent
Biggest Live Win: $4,800
Biggest Online Win: £12,320

David is the editor here at and everything that’s published on the site goes through him… so if there are any mistakes please feel free (in fact we encourage you) to point them out. He has the final say on our overall rating of each slot machine and what news articles we’ll cover.

Sam Jones

Favourite Slot: Cosmic Fortune
Favourite Manufacturer: Netent
Biggest Live Win: $1,200
Biggest Online Win: £2,760

Sam is our resident expert from across the pond. She’s in charge of all updates to the site which concern US players and she also reviews (using her sneaky VPN) many of the newest slot machines to hit the market for us. Sam only ever plays for small stakes but always seems to come off better than anyone else in the office… what is your secret women? We need to know!

Jeff Tanning

Favourite Slot: Green Lantern
Favourite Manufacturer: Amaya
Biggest Live Win: Doesn’t leave the house!
Biggest Online Win: £4,800

Jeff is our dev guy. He does all the behind the scenes techie stuff which makes the website tick. He prefers to work from home, in the hours of darkness and some say he hasn’t be exposed to sunlight for over 20 years. All jokes aside if anything goes wrong with the site or any of the games Jeff is the man who fixes it.

Responsible Gambling

One thing we must stress here at All Out Slots is responsible gambling. We all treat slot machines as a hobby and if you think you are starting to develop a problem with any kind of gambling then it’s incredibly important that you seek help immediately.

There are a number of great organisations out there who can help you:


GamCare are one of the biggest support organisations for problem gamblers in the UK and they are responsible for running the National Gambling Helpline. If you feel you need help or support with problem gambling give them a call on 0808 8020 133 or use the link above to visit their website.

Gamblers Anonymous

Have you heard of Alcoholics Anonymous? Well Gamblers Anonymous use the same approach but obviously to a very different problem. Their 12 step plan has helped countless individuals overcome problems with gambling and they can help you if you feel you need it.

Cookie & Privacy Policy

Yeah we love cookies… double chocolate chip please… but seriously anyone who comes to our site and reads our content consent to our policy on cookies and privacy.

Is this anything to be worried about? Well we don’t think so.

We don’t collect any sensitive information from people who visit our website. We don’t know your address, your phone number, your email or even you real name (unless you join our email newsletter).

All we can tell is where in the world you have accessed our site from, how long you’ve stayed on the site, which pages you’ve looked at and which links you’ve clicked. We collect this info so we can try to make our site better and more interesting for our users. If people don’t stay on a page for very long then that’s usually an indication it isn’t giving them what they want so we correct it, move it or even sometimes delete it.

Another thing we use cookies for is to detect if you’ve click on any of the adverts on our site. If you do click any of the ads then it’s likely that we’ll get some kind of compensation from our advertising partners (this is how the site makes money so click away!).

It’s easy to delete cookies if you don’t want them anymore. All browsers have an option to delete cookies and cache. Not sure how to do it? Well we guarantee Google has the answer, just bank in ‘delete cookies’ and your browser name and you’ll be good to go.

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