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Latest News & Opinion

How to Find Loose Slot Machines

By David Simpson on Aug 3, 2018

Fans of slots games need to know how to find the best slots to play and one thing which can give one slot an advantage over another is how ‘loose’ it is. When a slot is described as being ‘loose’ what we mean is that it offers better returns to players in the long term. […]

Best Online Slots

What Are The Best Slot Machines To Play Online?

By Sam Jones on Jul 3, 2018

There’s so much choice today when it comes to online slots that it can be difficult to decide just which games to play. Whilst choosing the best slot game is largely subjective there are certain things which all players can agree on. First and foremost amongst those is that if you’re primary concern is for […]

Marvel Slots Discontinued

Marvel Slots Discontinued: Why Have They Been Removed?

By David Simpson on Mar 30, 2017

On the 31st March 2017 software developer Playtech will be discontinuing all of their Marvel branded slot games. That means that titles themed around the company’s comic books, films and superhero characters will be removed from all online casino sites. From the 1st April, punters who currently enjoy playing Iron Man, Spider Man, X-Men or […]